As 2017 comes to an end, I have taken the time to consider the type of mindset that I would like to focus upon, integrate into my life, or challenge moving forward with the objective of becoming a better person for myself and the world around me. I find that many choose to focus on the positive moments in life, which is critical to progress and possibly for one's mental health. But I find that many bury their failures in the attempt to protect oneself and often times portray a lifestyle others may envy. This is no longer my personal objective for reasons I will explain. Failure is a honest reminder that I am human and this is something that I want to ensure that I remember regardless of what my hard work grants for me. Although I will never apologize for anything that I have the potential to earn. I have spent many hours determining how I would like to perceive my failures and I wanted to share my list this week in hopes of encouraging someone else to embrace failures because there is truth in them and that will always remain powerful.    
  1. Failure indicates that you are trying: Making an effort is attractive and is the only way to remain in control of your life and destiny. Life does not offer your wildest dreams on a silver platter. The sweetest rewards are earned through sleepless nights, planning, consistency, and constant changes that you adapt to. With the many moving parts, waking up and fighting for your best life is a challenge that will always garner respect. The right people will notice. Allow them to see a real person who improved over time.
  2. Failure is humbling: There is no honour in arrogance nor a puffed up attitude to life and your successes. You should never downplay your successes to ensure other are comfortable with you and your successes, but it is always important to remember you are blessed that life can change at any moment. You deserve greatness but always remember humility avoids one from 'eating crow'. I would rather some humble pie!
  3. Failure is an opportunity to share an honest story with others: As I age, I realize that there is a level of honour with sharing your entire truth with the world with boldness! Anyone can choose to allow others to believe that they lead a life without spot, blemish, or challenges that are embarrassing or hurtful. With the prevalence of social media, we do need to remain mindful that there is a younger, impressionable generation that is looking to us to provide realistic explanations to life. When we provide a narrative to life that is inauthentic, we share a message that suggests that you are managing every aspect of your life well and that is never honest. When you share your truth, there is zero pressure to remember anything that you've said. Regardless if it is a narrative that others can identify with.
  4. Failure suggests that your methods require adjustments: Few things are perfected in their first attempt. This is something that needs to remain at the forefront of our minds. Very few things in my life have gone according to plan. This does not suggest that the road wasn't enjoyable or that the end results were not worth the celebration. Life has many facets and trusting the journey is what will allow one to remain open to what the journey will bring. I believe we are only granted one life. I wonder how many things in our lives simply required some tweaking to see a break through that we chose to quit upon. How different could our lives be if we stayed in battle after the first blow to our egos?
  5. Failure breeds strength: With life, the bigger your goals, the bigger your potential to fail becomes. As you push through the goals that matter to you, the more strength you will require. I see the social media posts that speak to the rewards hard  work can bring, but very few posts of what it truly requires to obtain these goals. The majority of the journey is far from glamorous and that is where the character and experience is developed. The last thing I require is to make it to the top without the experience and the understanding my team and clients will require of me. That is a disservice to myself and will ultimately lead to your pending crash and doom. Neither of which interest me.
  I am trusting life to bring positive results although I will express the truth about my journey and what it takes to develop my goals in my personal life and business. My objective is to inspire others to share the their truth with the understanding that many will not agree. I have realized that this is what is required to rest well and progress from a place of peace. If there is peace within you, let the world of chaos have themselves.