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Who am I?

Shaunese Lawrence is a Licensed Mortgage Agent within the Greater Toronto Area who aims to fulfill all of her clients’ needs through professionalism, integrity, and unparalleled market knowledge. She is currently a Mortgage Agent with Millennial's Choice which specializes residential, commercial, private financing and investment options for the North American public. Shaunese was exposed to Mortgage Brokering during 2009 at the height of the recession, while pursuing a diploma in Visual Merchandising. She was willing to learn as much as she could during a time when beginning a career in mortgages appeared to be the worst possible time, simply because she was motivated by the idea of assisting Canadian home owners and aspiring home owners. With a strong focus on customer service, which ensures that clients are granted the appropriate amount of time, options, information, resources, and sound advice for the largest purchase of their lifetime. Shaunese strategically focuses upon providing thorough, practical financial information to Canadians that evolve with the changes of the market, the industry, and Canadian families. She has aspirations to commit to more community service. She currently spends a lot of her time working with children and their long-term development.

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I have 8 years experience in mortgage financing!

Shaunese was exposed to the mortgage industry during 2009 and has dedicated her efforts to providing clients with long term mortgage options that suit their needs.


What Clients Say?

Shaunese ensured that all of my questions were answered and made sure that my comfort was her first priority. Purchasing your first property can be nerve-racking and she really ensured that she handled the most stressful parts of the process.  
Shaunese assisted my family by consolidating our first and second mortgage. We obtained our private second mortgage during a financial crunch. Consolidating saved our family $1000 a month! We are now in a better situation and are thankful for the long-term change.

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About Me

Shaunese Lawrence is a Licensed Mortgage Agent within the Greater Toronto Area aiming to fulfill all of our clients’ needs through professionalism, integrity, and unparalleled market knowledge.



FSCO Lic# M13001695 | Brokerage Lic# 12899