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Shaunese is a licensed Mortgage Agent with Canada Mortgage & Financial Group which is in Mississauga, Ontario. Shaunese strives daily to ensure that each client is provided with the time, solutions, advice, and financing that ensures they can meet their long-term mortgage financing expectations. Working to ensure that all options are explored to ensure that the mortgage solutions is the best option for you.

Evolving since 2009

Shaunese was exposed to the mortgage industry during 2009 and has dedicated her efforts to providing clients with long term mortgage options that suit their needs.

I am going to reach a 100k happy clients!

My mission is clear: I want to see each of my clients own two properties each!

Latest News

No More Guess Work – How Will Mortgage Providers Assess Your Credit?

When I meet with potential clients, my initial objective is to allow the first meeting to be the opportunity for their questions and concerns to be honestly addressed; without the pressure of what will happen with their entire mortgage objectives in 30 minutes.  The simple reason for this is, it will be impossible to convince […]

Ensuring That You Are Partnered With A Qualified Mortgage Professional

As exciting as Instagram has made the world of real estate, the purchasing of property is still the largest purchase for most Canadians and requires a level of attention that many of my clients have not completely prepared themselves for.     I have often found that clients believe that real estate is an easy […]

About Me

Shaunese Lawrence is a Licensed Mortgage Agent within the Greater Toronto Area aiming to fulfill all of our clients’ needs through professionalism, integrity, and unparalleled market knowledge.



FSCO Lic# M13001695 | Brokerage Lic# 12899